Dr. Bradley Beyer, DC

Chiropractic can help everyone improve their performance

As a young man, I was very involved with competitive athletics. I ultimately played baseball at The University of Maryland, and because of that love for competition, I became intently interested in training and the biomechanics of the human body. When I graduated with a degree in Kinesiological Sciences, (the science of motion), I decided to focus on a professional career which allowed me to get involved with athletic performance, and help people with physical conditions that were not related to sports competition. Becoming a chiropractor seemed to be the perfect bend of those two ambitions.

 I have been a licensed chiropractor with a specialty in sports rehabilitation since 1989. I have been able to use my knowledge and experience of athletics and biomechanics to help thousands of patients regain their health. Three decades after treating my first patient, I still enjoy the thrill of seeing an elite athlete patient of mine run a marathon, or my regular patients cut their own grass for the first time in a year.  Either way, it’s an amazing career when you can help people recover their lost passions.  

 For fun, I spend time helping my kids prepare for their seasons, workout outdoors, read a good book, or find a new cool restaurant.  Cheers!

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