Dr. Dev Rajhansa, DC


Ever since I was little I wanted to be a doctor of some sort. Throughout college, I took the typical pre-med courses as well as psychology courses. I was determined to be a doctor. It wasn’t until my senior year in undergrad that I saw a chiropractor for the first time. I was in a bad accident and saw Dr. Heart for my injuries. He worked with me after that accident and actually got better. It was the first time I didn’t just reach for Advil after an accident and I was impressed. After graduation, I started to expand my interests and looked at Physical Therapy and Optometry. I liked them both but felt they would get boring after a while! It was then that I started to look into how chiropractic treats the entire body literally from head to toe. I liked the emphasis on a more natural means to heal the body. After more research, I decided that the only way to learn more about chiropractic was to enroll in Parker University School of Chiropractic and find out. The rest is history!

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