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Meet Dr. Erik Nyman

Dr Erik Nyman

Dr. Erik Nyman, DC

As early as I can remember, I have loved using my hands. Whether it be working outside and completing yard projects, or working in a biological lab, I have been fascinated with what is possible with my most simple tools.

I graduated from Stockton University in 2017 with a bachelors in Biology. After graduation, I began working in the “lab world” and quickly realized I would have a limited impact on helping people. My mom and dad both worked in the traditional “medical model” –my mom as a Registered Nurse and my dad who built labs for pharmaceutical companies. I observed the work they were doing and realized their jobs aided in the treatment of disease not the prevention of disease.

While my lab work would help in the creation of medical therapeutics, I felt as though I could do more. I enrolled at Life University in 2019 and began a Three-and-a-half-year program to become a Chiropractor. Very quickly, I discovered the impact that I could have on people with nothing more than a table and my hands. Relying entirely on medication and treatment of disease discounts the human body’s potential to self-regulate and heal. As a Chiropractor, I am able to develop close relationships with patients that I could not do working in a lab. I am delighted that I can work with patients in the prevention of disease through lifestyle modifications, exercise and of course the adjustment.

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