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Chiropractic Neck Pain Relief in Philadelphia, PA

By June 29, 2022August 5th, 2022No Comments

Hey, what’s up everybody? My name’s Dr. Roger Saias, your chiropractor for neck pain here in Philadelphia, PA.

And today I just wanna continue the conversation we’ve been having about neck pain. You can see on our website: we’ve talked about what causes it. We’ve talked about things you can do at home if you have it. We’ve talked about things and shown you things that we do in the office that help people with neck pain including chiropractic adjustments, and rehab, and all the things to help improve your alignment and mobility so that we can potentially correct the problem that’s actually causing the pain in the first place.

Chiropractic Neck Pain Assessment in Philadelphia, PA

But what I really wanna know is what is your neck pain story? How has neck pain affected and impacted your life? Has it been better because of it? Is it worse?

Most people find that with neck pain their life is not nearly as good as it could be if they didn’t have it. Most people don’t really take notice of their neck pain until they can’t do something that they either wanna do or they have to do, or they love to do either totally where they can’t do it at all or partially where they’re able to do some things but they’re not able to do it the way they actually wanna do it.

It’s been affected, it’s different now and they just wanna be normal. Everybody just wants to get back to normal.

Are you at that place? Have you had enough? Do you just wanna be normal? Whatever that is for you, for most, it’s just getting up and not thinking about pain. Getting up and going about their day without being slowed down because of their neck pain.

Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment in Philadelphia, PA

So if you’re finally at that point where neck pain is consuming your every thought, you’re not sleeping, you’re not able to do your job well, you’re not able to care for yourself or others.

It is time to give our office a call and have an evaluation and let us see if we can help you. We help hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people every single year with neck pain, I don’t see why we can’t help you but we can’t help you unless you give us a call, don’t wanna talk to us, send us an email, go on emails, send us a comment, comments on this video, ask a question.

We would love nothing more than to help you with your problem so that you get on with your life so you can resume normalcy. So if you’re watching this video, I hope this information was helpful. I hope this sparks something so that you give us a call and take action.

Don’t wait any longer, the longer you wait, the harder it’s gonna be to get over this problem, you deserve to feel normal again, you deserve to be well. I hope this message finds you well and I hope you have a great rest of the day.

Take care.


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