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Chiropractic Shoulder Pain Treatment in Philadelphia, PA

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What’s up everybody? My name’s Dr. Roger Saias, your chiropractor for shoulder pain in Philadelphia, PA. Today, I’m with my good friend, Dr. Heather Goldberg. Dr. Heather Goldberg told me that she’s having some neck and shoulder pain, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to show you some of the things that we do in our offices to help people with these types of problems. So we’re gonna have Dr. Heather lie down on her stomach.

Shoulder Pain Symptoms in Philadelphia, PA

And so, many patients who come in with neck and upper back pain and shoulder pain, they have all kinds of muscle spas throughout the neck, the top of the shoulders, down into the shoulder, we call these trigger points.

So a lot of times myself and many of our doctors on staff will do some trigger point therapy. We’ll get into the spasm of the muscle. We wanna make sure that we’re releasing all the spasms. It’ll help improve mobility, it’ll help decrease some of the inflammation.

So we’re gonna do some trigger point work across the top of the shoulder to help release some of the spasm that she’s having in through here. And just like so many people that are out there, Dr. Heather sits on a computer some of the day, we all have cell phones.

When we have that forward head posture, if you remember in the other videos, we’ve talked about forward head posture. A lot of the spasm and the problems that we see are at the top of the shoulders here.

And then that could also radiate down into the shoulder, and causes all kinds of pain. So we’ll get in there, we’ll break up some of the muscle spasm in through there.

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Philadelphia, PA

We may even use a device. All of our offices have other tools. So this is a vibration tool that helps put some more stimulation into the muscle to help decrease spasm, improve circulation.

So we’ll use this to help with the spasm, and again mobility. It also feels good. So, it really feels good when we get in there and help release all the spasm. Everybody should get some of this in the day, right, Dr. Heather?

So we’ll use this. We want to make sure we’re relaxing the soft tissue. We wanna get her nice and relaxed so we make the adjustment, it’s nice and easy. So, we use different types of techniques in our office as far as chiropractic adjustments. We have handheld tools. So this is called an activator.

So we can find the restricted vertebrae. So the bones and the joints that aren’t moving well, we can use this to help improve mobility and alignment. So we can use it on the spine, we can use it on muscle. So I can use this on the upper trapezius muscle.

Chiropractic Shoulder Adjustments in Philadelphia, PA

We can use it to make adjustments in the shoulder which we’ll do in a second, but I’m also gonna use, and do a manual adjustment. So we can also use our hands. So, we’re gonna start with taking a nice big breath in. Let it all go, all out.

So we make a manual adjustment a little bit different than an instrument assisted adjustment. Sometimes you’ll hear an audible release when we make this type of adjustment. So I’m gonna have Dr. Heather flip over on her back. And we’re gonna make a manual adjustment to her neck.

So Dr. Heather has restriction on both sides of her neck down low. So we’re gonna make an adjustment in her neck over here. And then we’re gonna do another adjustment up top over here, the upper cervical.

Sometimes there’s an audible release. So we hear a noise when we make that adjustment. Sometimes we don’t. Give her a little stretch. And I’m gonna have Dr. Heather come sit on up and we’re gonna make an adjustment in her shoulder.

So we’re gonna have her arm like this. So we wanna put movement into the shoulder ’cause the shoulders, when we bring it up, it’s clicking and grinding. And so we want to put some mobility into the shoulder so I can come around and we’re gonna just put some movement into the shoulder.

Good, and then we’ll recheck it. And so when patients come in with rotator cuff issues or they’re having just restriction and they’re not able to move the shoulder at the normal ranges of motion, we can get in there along with an adjustment to the neck, adjustment to other areas of the spine as well as the shoulder, we can help improve the mobility, help decrease muscles spasm, improve function so that you can do the things that you want to do and need to do and have to do.

And it’s important to be able to do that so you have a good quality of life. So if you’re watching this video and you’re experiencing neck and shoulder problems and upper back problems, chiropractic is a lot of the time the answer for you.

So if you have any questions, you can give our office a call, you could send us an email, you can drop a comment on this video, and ask a question. We’d be more than happy to answer anything for you.

So I hope this message finds you well, I hope you enjoyed this video, and we’ll see you on the next one.


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