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Chiropractic Treatment for Disc Injuries In Philadelphia, PA

By March 17, 2023No Comments

Chiropractic Treatment for Disc Injuries | Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Philadelphia, PA

Hey everybody, my name is Dr. Rogers Saias, I’m the clinical director here at PA Pain and Rehab in Philadelphia. And today, I wanted to go over a very common problem that we see in all six of our offices. Now I say common, that it’s never normal to have damaged your spine. It’s never normal to have pain in your neck, or pain in your mid back pain in your low back pain on your legs aren’t never normal. It’s common. Okay, so let’s get into a little spinal anatomy, shall we?

The Anatomy of the Spine

So you can understand what’s going on. So if you’re experiencing some of the problems I’m going to talk about, you know why pain, it’s very important to know why. Okay, so these bones right here, if you run your fingers down your back, and you can feel these bumps, you’re feeling these, these are called the spinous processes, it’s part of the vertebrae. Okay, we move a little forward. This is the vertebral body, this is the body of the vertebrae. So this is the bulk of it right here. And in between each vertebral body is a disc. So when they’re nice and fluffy like this, we would call that a normal disc height. Okay? Over time, though, wear and tear on the body, our cell phones were pushing forward or bent over a lot, we’re at computers, or we’re in accidents, and the accidents can damage not only the joints can also damage the disc.

The Spinal Cord and The Spinal Canal

Okay, let’s back up a sec. Down the length of the spine is something called the spinal canal. It’s a hole that runs down through, there’s the spinal cord that lives in there. So we’ve got the brain that sits on top sends messages down the spinal cord, out the spinal nerves that live in something called the intervertebral foramen. It’s a hole where the nerves come out, they exit off the spine, there’s pairs of them at every level of the spine. So let’s say you’re sitting at a red light, minding your own business, to beautiful day outside your favorite songs on the radio, and all sudden, the car hits you from behind pushes you forward, your whole body gets whipped back and forth. And now what happens, the joints are affected, the disc can be affected, your mobility can be affected, your alignment can be affected, and most certainly, your spinal cord, the spinal nerves in your nervous system can be affected. So a lot of times people end up with a disc problem after an injury like that, they may have had something brewing before that they didn’t know. And then that accident sent it over the edge. And now the disc is now pushing back, it can push backwards into this hole where the nerve comes out where were the spinal cord lifts, we do not want that.

Disc Injury and the Nervous System

So if you have any irritation to the nervous system because of the disc, or because of some other reason, you can end up with problems down your arm. Anybody watching this video ever have pain down their arm? Hey, I woke up today. And now I’ve got pain down my arm, I was in a car accident. And now a couple days later, you can’t feel my fingers anymore. Same thing, hey, they diagnosed me with sciatica, I’ve got this burning pain down my leg, it hurts so bad or My knee hurts. Now, I never had a knee problem and I don’t remember hurting my knee, it’s very possible that you’ve injured the nerve. Now again, the nerves that come out of the low back going down your legs, the nerves that come out of your neck, go down your arms. But in between all these nerves go to your heart, your lungs, your kidneys, all the muscles, tendons leave. It’s all controlled by your nervous system. So if you’ve been told that you have a disc herniation or a protrusion or a bulge, and all of a sudden now you’re having pain or you’re having symptoms down your leg. Now is the time to not mask the problem. Figure out what the cause of the problem is. And let’s fix it.

If You’re in Pain, Don’t Wait, We Can Help

So if you’ve been in an accident, and now you’re feeling lousy, and you hurt, you don’t know why. Come set up a consultation. Make an appointment, give us a call. You can send us an email. You can drop us a comment on this video. Give us some feedback. Let us know if you want to set up a time where we can go over and help you and figure out what’s going on. So again, if you’re watching this video and you’re having these symptoms, now’s the time to take action again. My name is Dr. Rogers says thank you for watching the video. I hope this message finds you well. Have a great day

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