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Treating Shoulder Pain with Chiropractic in Philadelphia, PA

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Hey everyone. My name’s Dr. Roger Saias, your chiropractor for shoulder pain in Philadelphia, PA and the Clinical director here at PA Pain and Rehab. Today I want to talk to you about one of the most common problems that we see in our practices, and that’s problems with the shoulder.

Shoulder Care in Philadelphia, PA

The shoulders are a very complex joint. It’s got six different ranges of motion. A lot of patients that we see are injured in car accidents, or they were injured at work, or they’ve fallen and they’ve injured their body, and a lot of times they’ve injured their shoulder especially in a fall.

So we always need to evaluate to make sure that we know exactly what’s going on with the shoulder so we can deliver the proper treatment. But we also have patients that come into our office and have no idea why their shoulder hurts.

They woke up one day and they started to realize, “Hey, it’s harder to get my arm inside the sleeve when I’m putting on my jacket, it’s harder to bend over and pick something up where I have to use my arms or carry something.” We have patients that have children, they go, “Wow, it’s getting increasingly harder to pick up my children because it’s hurting my shoulder.”

Chiropractic Shoulder Pain Assessment

So we always want to invest and figure out why is there a problem, okay? So pain is not enough to go on. So we need to figure out, is there a problem with the mobility of the joint? And this is something that you can just do at home. It’s very simple. And if you need further evaluation and treatment as a result of what you find at home, we are your people, right?

So here’s your first test. Stand nice and straight. And we’re just going to raise the arms straight up like this, right? And if you’re doing this and it really hurts, there could be a problem in your shoulder.

Another indicator is, as you’re raising your arm up, if the joint is getting stuck and it won’t allow you to get that full range of motion, there’s a good chance that there’s a problem in the joint or the muscles, tendons and ligaments associated with the joint. All right?

So another test is if that was flexion, this is extension. Just bringing the shoulder straight back like this. If you can’t do it or if you’re starting to feel pain in the joint, there’s possibly a problem

with your shoulder.

Another test is simply bringing your arms out to the side like this and then bringing your arms

straight back down like that. If doing this movement, you get stuck while you’re doing it, there’s probably a problem in the shoulder joint itself, okay? Other tests are just bringing your arm across your body. All right?

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Philadelphia, PA

And then we have internal and external rotation. So we’re just rotating the shoulder to see if there’s any restriction in the movement. If you’re having a hard time getting into these positions to begin with, there’s probably a problem with the shoulder.

And then lastly, this is really a telltale sign. A lot of people are so tight and restricted that they can’t put their arm behind their back like this. So if you’re unable to bring your arm into this position, again, there’s a potential that there’s a problem in the shoulder.

So if you’re going through these ranges of motion and they hurt, you really should be evaluated. We could easily tell if there’s a problem in the shoulder and deliver treatment to help improve the range of motion so it doesn’t get worse and you don’t develop things like arthritis in the shoulder or degenerative joint disease as a result of the joint not working properly.

The longer you let a joint go where it doesn’t move properly, it’s progressively gonna get worse. If you’re watching this video right now and you’re having a problem, don’t wait, call our office. Let’s set up a consultation and an evaluation for you. Let’s see if we can help you.

Don’t wanna give us a call, send us an email. Don’t wanna send us an email, drop us a comment on this video, ask a question. We’ll get back to you soon as possible. So I hope this message finds you well. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to find out I’m more about shoulder problems. I hope we can help you if you do have a problem. See you in the next video, have a great day.

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