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A Holistic Knee Pain Treatment That Works In Philadelphia, PA

By August 1, 2022November 3rd, 2022No Comments

Hey, what’s up everybody?! My name’s Dr. Roger Saias, and I’m the clinical director here at PA Pain and Rehab in Philadelphia.

Today I wanna talk to you about how we at PA Pain and Rehab take care of people that are having knee problems.

Most people don’t think about chiropractic care being a valuable treatment for extremity issues. Whether it’s a shoulder, wrist, elbow, or knee, they’re usually just thinking that chiropractors take care of back pain.

Chiropractors are trained to take care of the whole body. Not only are we interested in the mobility and alignment of the spine but we wanna make sure that the extremities are functioning optimally as well.

If you’ve injured your knee, you’re not just having a knee problem.

I know that it’s hard to focus on anything but your knee problem because it’s involved with so much of your daily routine, but it also can have an effect on your entire body. There are a lot of muscles,
tendons, and ligaments that support and help move the knee both in the front and the back. If one knee has gone bad this causes your whole body to compensate.

The nervous system is involved in this whole process. Not only is the nervous system affecting the knee, but it also affects everything else.

After a knee injury, we’re very concerned about how the low back is functioning and how the pelvis is moving so that it’s not causing more problems for the knee. Not only do knee injuries affect everything above the knee but they can also affect your feet and your ankles.

We want to make sure that when you’re in our office and we’re evaluating you and we’re trying to figure out what’s wrong with your knee, that we’re taking care of everything else as well, otherwise we’re short-changing your health.

We do a lot of soft tissue work and adjustments to improve the knee’s mobility and speed up its recovery. Plus, strength training to stabilize the knee as well.

That’s how PA Pain and Rehab and chiropractic care can help a knee problem.

If you’ve tried physical therapy and medication with no results and you haven’t had your spine or lower extremities adjusted, that might just be the missing link…

Hope this message finds you well.

PA Pain and Rehab

Our chiropractors have a combined 213 years of accident injury experience and have served Philadelphia for over 20 years while helping more than 23,000 patients just like you get back their quality of life