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Returning to Work from Your Chiropractor in Philadelphia, PA

By April 14, 2022May 24th, 2022No Comments

Dr. Roger Saias, your chiropractor for work injuries in Philadelphia, PA. In this video, I want to talk to you about three things that you can do to get yourself back to work faster, especially if you have a work related injury.

No one wants to be injured and no one really wants to lose time at work. Most people aren’t in a position to not work. So how do you get yourself back to work faster? Well, you need to have a plan. It can’t just include taking over the counter pain relievers or prescribed pain relievers or muscle relaxers. You need to have a physical plan in place.

Work Injury Recovery with Chiropractic in Philadelphia, PA

And so at PA Pain and Rehab, we offer chiropractic and physical rehabilitation to get the body moving to help rehabilitate the injuries you may have sustained at work. If you don’t do that you can end up with lingering problems, chronic issues later down the road. And it might be hard to do the job that you want to be doing.

So the sooner you can get the spine moving and rehabilitate the soft tissue after, let’s say a lifting injury where you may have hurt your low back or may hurt your neck. Or maybe a repetitive strain injury and you have an extremity problem, and all you do is take medication. It’s not going to fix the problem. It’s just going to mask it.

So your first line of defense should be chiropractic and physical rehabilitation. Assuming you don’t have any immediate medical emergencies.

The second thing that you need to do is be consistent with that program. So if the doctor puts you on a program that consists of chiropractic and physical rehabilitation, you need to make sure that you’re showing up for your appointments. Make sure that you’re consistent, because if you’re not consistent, you’re not going to get better as quickly as possible.

Chiropractic Work Injury Treatment in Philadelphia, PA

So making sure that you have a plan in place. And follow through and be consistent with that plan is definitely the way to go.

And the last thing you need to be in constant communication with your employer and your supervisor. Because you want to let them know your progress, you want to keep in touch them. But maybe you can also ask for accommodations.

So you may not be able to go back and do the exact job before the injury. But if you’re looking to get back to work faster and you’re following through with your chiropractic rehabilitation, you may be able to do a job that is a lighter duty job. But you have to ask for that accommodation.

Work Injury Care with Chiropractic in Philadelphia, PA

So again, you need to have a plan. You need to have a team of doctors in place that are going to help you physically rehabilitate the problems that you sustained at work and you need to be consistent with that plan.

And then again, like I said, keep in touch with your employer. That’s the best thing that you can possibly do and ask for accommodations if necessary.

So if you’re watching this video and you were injured at work, and you’re still stumbling around and you’re not getting better and you’re still not back at work yet. Give our office a call. Let’s have a consultation and see if we can help you and guide you down a path to quicker recovery back to work.

I hope you enjoyed this video. I really appreciate you taking the time watching it. I hope this message finds you well and I’ll see you on our next video.

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