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Why a Chiropractor is the Best Concussion Treatment In Philadelphia, PA

By August 1, 2022November 3rd, 2022No Comments

Hey, what’s up everybody?! My name’s Dr. Roger Saias. I’m the Clinical Director here at PA Pain & Rehab in Philadelphia.

Today, I want to talk to you about concussions and why it’s a great idea to see a chiropractor if you’ve sustained a concussion and the best concussion treatment options with chiropractic care.

A lot of our patients have come to us after an automobile accident, a work-related accident, or even a slip and fall type of injury. Depending on what injuries they have, patients have had a CT scan or MRI, maybe they have had X-rays or other diagnostic imaging tests to determine if there are any major problems.

We want this information.

It’s great if we have this information first to make sure that there’s nothing that we shouldn’t be doing to this patient because our ultimate goal is to do no harm. We don’t wanna make anything worse. So having as much information as possible is great.

We do a thorough consultation and examination. We do a neurological examination and have a medical doctor on staff that can also do further evaluations if need be. Our goal is to understand your injury as completely as possible.

The head and neck are extremely delicate. The head and the skull protect your brain, the brain and the spinal cord make up your central nervous system. The brain is the most important part of this nervous system because it’s sending and receiving messages to coordinate your entire body’s physiology. Every cell, every tissue, and every organ is controlled by your brain, your spinal cord, and your nervous system.

After a traumatic injury like a head injury – being hit in the face with an airbag causing a concussive force, colliding with someone while playing football or soccer, falling and hitting your head on the concrete – your nervous system can be adversely affected.

An injury that causes misalignment to the spine or restriction in the joints of your spine will put direct tension on the spinal cord. Chiropractic adjustments help improve the alignment and mobility of these very delicate structures.

Our goal is to help the concussion healing process. Our goal is to help the things that are not functioning as a result of this injury to function better so that your brain, your spinal cord, and your nervous system can function at their highest level.

If you’ve sustained that type of injury, and you’ve already been to the medical doctors, they’ve already given you a whole bunch of drugs to try to quiet the symptoms but you’re still having symptoms and they’re only getting worse, give us a call.

I hope this message finds you well.

PA Pain and Rehab

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